Feb 7 - Feb 9, 2020
Fred C. Anderson Scout Camp (3 Days, 2 Nights)

Winter Camp

Fred C. Anderson Scout Camp (Swanson Lodge) | Feb 7 - Feb 9, 2020

186 Andersen Scout Camp Trail, Houlton, WI 54082

Registration opens January 1 2020

Camp Registration


On a mobile device? Try the direct registration link here: https://goo.gl/forms/120VP6qTvPh3zI8F2

Cost: $25/person | Wreath sale participants that sold more that $150 are free - if they haven't previously claimed their free camp - see more details here.

Registration Deadline: Feb 1.

NOTE: Arrow of Light scouts (5th grade) will register and camp with Troop 1, participating in the annual Troop 1 Ski Camp. Contact Troop 1 Scoutmaster, Corey Needleman, for details (needlemanbsa@gmail.com). Troop 1 will honor free camp credits for those who have earned them ($25 will be paid by Pack 1 toward the camp cost and ski rental/lift ticket fees for any Arrow of Light scout who has earned a credit).

General Information

  • February 7-9, 2020
  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 7:00 PM Friday. We need to get the site checked in with the camp ranger first.
  • When you arrive at the camp please proceed to Swanson Lodge (see below). Follow the signs as you come into camp, or see the map below.
  • If you will not be there the full weekend, please specify when registering so this can be taken into consideration for food planning.
  • Feel free to bring siblings and/or multiple Akelas to this camp.
  • There are limited bunks; please bring a cot or sleeping pad if you have one.
  • Please specify any meals you will be missing (late arrival, early departure) when registering, for food planning consideration.
  • Saturday Lunch will be our annual a Chili Cook-off.
  • Food and dishes are provided, but Akelas are expected to help with cooking and cleaning.
  • Scouts should arrive at camp and leave from camp in their Scout uniforms, but please leave neckerchiefs and slides at home so they don't get lost!



  • Scouts and Akelas (parents/leaders) will sleep in a lodge - mattresses available.
    • Swanson Lodge (40 bunks + small separate room for 1-2 people with cots/mattresses + extra room in the main room that could accommodate cots/mats and/or small tents)
  • Scouts and Akelas (parents/leaders) will sleep indoors in Swanson Lodge. This is a newer Council lodging facility and features comfortable bunkrooms, a well-stocked kitchen, and even hot showers.
  • Please check in with the Pack so we know who has arrived.
  • Bring sleeping bags for use on the bunkbeds/cots.

What to pack

We will be sleeping in heated lodge buildings, but will also be spending significant time outdoors (except in the case of severe weather). Printable Packing List

  • Long Underwear (not cotton)– This is a very important part of a successful winter camping experience. The biggest winter camping mistake is to wear cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and holds it next to the body, which then causes heat to be drawn away very rapidly. A non-cotton long underwear bottom and top are needed - medium or heavy weight is best.
  • Upper body layers– An important principle for winter camping is layering. Several layers of non-absorbing clothing that can be taken off when active and put back on when less active is ideal. These layers should be of non-absorbing fabrics again like wool or polyester. Fleece or wool sweaters or vests are great. Cotton should not be used here either. Two to three pieces are recommended.
  • Outer Shell – A winter jacket with hood works great.
  • Snow pants or snow suit.
  • Hat (day)– A Polartec fleece hat with ear covers.
  • Socks and Mittens- Fleece or wool with liners works best, have extras in case they get wet.
  • Boots and indoor shoes- snow boots for outdoors, mocs or sneakers for inside the cabin.
  • Water bottle and carrier– Drinking lots of water is important.
  • Personal items– Toothbrush, toothpaste, handi-wipes, etc.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Lip protection– A Chap Stick type product.
  • Sunscreen for face
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight or headlamp– bring extra batteries.
  • Regular clothes– You will use your winter clothes starting Saturday after breakfast through Sunday before lunch. Bring a change of socks and underwear.
  • Personal medical supplies– Bring any medicine you will need in its original container with name and dosage. Give these to your leader.
  • Optional: Ski gloves, camera, pocket knife (only if Scout has earned Whittling Chip– bring your Whittling Chip card or patch on your red vest), magazines/books, board games

What NOT to pack

  • DO NOT bring electronic devices and games; adults may bring cell phones, cameras, etc.
  • DO NOT bring extra food - it will all be provided for by the Pack

What we'll do

Lots of stuff! As Scouts arrive, we'll have our "Cracker Barrel," a light snack and time to socialize/play. We may get started on hot Air Balloons or have another activity option Friday night. "Lights out" will be at 10:00 PM.

Breakfast will be at 8:00 AM on Saturday, with activities beginning at 9:00 AM. Saturday arrivals should try to join us by 9:00 AM; after 9:00 AM, we'll be out and about.

Activities will depend on the weather conditions. Outdoor options may include sledding, hiking, hot air balloon launching, cross-country skiing/ snowshoeing, fire-building races, or even quinzhee building.

Indoor activities may include hot air balloon making, water balloon luminaries, board games, and a range of other advancement opportunities.

Saturday night culminates in a campfire program with skits, jokes, and stories (the sign of a successful camp is that no one goes to sleep on Friday night, and no one is awake for the campfire on Saturday). Bring your jokes--the cornier the better!--and review your Scout Vespers lyrics.

Sunday breakfast will be served starting around 7:00 AM, with the Scouts who are packed and ready to go served first. We'll break camp and police our site--a Scout always leaves a place nicer than he found it!--by 10:00 AM.

A detailed itinerary will be distributed to attendees and posted at camp.


  • Parents of Scouts who are not coming themselves must complete a permission slip, available below. Please fill it out completely and make sure that it is given to the adult driving your Scout to Camp. (Not required for Scouts whose parents are attending.)
  • You must also complete a Health Form and bring it with you. Health forms are valid for one year. If you turned in a Health Form for Fall or Winter Camp, you do NOT need to fill out a new one for Spring Camp. Forms are available at: Health Form (Short Term Medical Record)

Parent Action Items

  • Sign up by 2/4 using the Google Form then use the Square payment link on this page
  • Complete health form