Important Notice for 2020/21 Dues!

Following a decision over which we had no control (and was made pre-pandemic), Northern Star Council membership dues for Cub Scouts will increase this year, from $144 to $180. (Payment can be made in two installments. Also, there is a financial assistance option during registration.)

We understand that, for some families, a fee increase in a year of decreased in-person activities (due to Covid 19), may not be feasible. Our leaders have been discussing possible ways to apply unused-from-last-year Pack funds (due to activities that were cancelled) to defray registration costs for all children eager to Scout with Pack 1 this year. We have also discussed the possibility of inviting Scouts to attend, without yet paying their registration fees, the first couple Den meetings/events of the year before families decide if a hybrid outdoor/indoor Scouting path works for them. It has long been Pack 1 policy that NO child will be turned away for inability to pay. If the $180 annual dues is not in your budget, Metro Lakes District has scholarship programs to ensure that your child can be a Scout.

We understand that this year will be a very different one, with unprecedented challenges, and that Scouting during the pandemic might not be able to be a priority for every family. That is perfectly fine. While much about the future in these trying times remains uncertain, one thing is certain – any Pack 1 Scout/family that decides to sit out the 2020/21 Scouting season is always welcome to re-join the Pack when they are ready. We will save a seat for you at the campfire!

Every child who joins Pack 1 will receive all advancement items (belt loops and patches) and a Cub Scout handbook. The $180 includes National registration fee, local costs, and Pack 1 unit dues.

Ready to join Pack 1 or renew your current membership? Use the Northern Star Council online registration form to add a new Scout, renew an existing membership, or any combination of the above.

Northern Star Council Online Registration Portal

Other program costs:

Typically a weekend campout will cost $25/attendee, which will cover food, shelter, and activities. Sometimes a den outing has a fee but it is minimal, e.g. going bowling or to a museum.

Pack 1 funds Pack expenses by having Scouts do only one fundraiser per year (annual wreath sale) to keep costs down while keeping programming at a maximum. Toward that end, we ask all families to actively participate in the wreath sale. For Scouts who actively participate in the Pack's annual wreath sale, a Scout's camping costs can be reduced or waived altogether (depending on the Scout's level of sales).