Building Strong Leaders

Parents are the lifeblood of any Cub Scout Pack. We depend on our parents to step up and help on numerous levels. Without their help, our program would be limited and our Scouts would be missing out on the fun. We hold monthly Parent Planning Meetings (PPMs) to plan and implement our annual program. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend and provide input!

If you are the kind of parent who is willing to take on a little more, we are always looking for volunteers to help us keep Pack 1 great! Ask about how you can help us in small or large ways, from assisting with sign-in at an event to volunteering for a position in Pack leadership.

The more parent involvement, the better the program - and the more rewarding it is for everyone.

Becoming a Trained Leader

It is very easy to become a Trained Leader in Cub Scouts. All of the required training can be taken online - so you can take the courses at your own pace.

Steps Toward Leadership

  1. Talk to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair about your interest. Discuss which role(s) might be best for you, based on your skills, experience, and available time.
  2. Request an Adult Leader Application, and fill it out.
  3. Go to, create an account, and take the required Youth Protection Training (YPT). The BSA will not accept any adult leader applications if Youth Protection Training is incomplete! Print out your certificate of completion and include it with your Adult Leader Application.
  4. Complete the training courses that apply to the leadership position of choice. You can take any of the courses available on at any time, but make sure you take the required ones. Ask about opportunities to complete training in-person, if you prefer!
  5. Submit your Application to the Pack Committee Chair, remembering to include a printed copy of your YPT certificate.
  6. When you get your official BSA number you should plug it into your account - ask the Committee Chair if you have trouble figuring out how to do this. Linking your BSA number with your profile ensures that training you have completed will be credited to you in the BSA training database and appear correctly in Scoutbook.

Find training through Northern Star Council:


  • Volunteer to help with small defined tasks.
  • Ask your Den Leader if they need help during a meeting.
  • Don't be afraid to step in and help redirect scouts when they are not focusing their energy in positive ways.
  • Ask the Cubmaster or Committee Chair about the needs of the Pack.
  • Remain positive and look for ways to improve the program - turn problems into solutions.
  • Follow the advice we give the Scouts... Do your best.
  • Encourage other parents to help. Work as a team with projects that need attention.