Wreath Sale

Sept 23-Oct 25


Orders due with payments at the Halloween party at MUMC on Oct 25.  Please check the math--you can use the attached sales order sheet (link below).

If you're unable to make the party, make arrangements to drop your orders and money on or before Oct 25 with Nicole Falk. Late orders will not be accepted.

Wreath packets were distributed at the September Pack meeting. Packets contain glossy brochures, order forms, Minneapolis solicitor licenses, etc. Scouts who need a packet can contact Nicole at erdm0030@yahoo.com or 612-695-7109. 2019 sales order sheets [Excel] can be downloaded here. If you need a copy of the wreath sales brochure, download the 2019 brochure here.  And here is another 2019 brochure with just the items for sale (Thanks Brenda Dever).

The wreath sale basically involves pre-selling wreaths to your friends and neighbors. In addition to scouts selling individually (door-to-door with supervision or calling around), you are encouraged to make arrangements to sell at your place of worship or another organization to which you belong.


Full payment for all items you are ordering is due when you turn in your order sheet. The money turned in must match the total amount listed on your order sheet. Money is collected at time of sale, not at delivery (i.e., all wreaths must be paid for in full when the Pack orders them).

Checks must be made to Pack 1If someone writes a check in the name of the Scout or their parent, please aggregate these and write a single check to Pack 1.  Check consolidation is highly welcomed as it saves the Pack time and money with our bank.

Please provide a check to Pack 1 in place of the cash collected if you are able.  This is for both safety reasons and reducing order/accounting errors.

We don’t have an ability to accept credit card payments (except for mail order items as outlined below).

If asked, the tax deductible portion of a sale is $8.


Delivery will be on Nov. 16 starting at 10:00am till 11:30 at Northrop School, 4315 S 31st Ave S, Minneapolis. You will need to make arrangement to pick up all of your items during our delivery window as we do not have storage. All items should be delivered by Thanksgiving.

Mail Order

Mail Order (online sale) is an option for selling to out-of-town friends and relatives. Use the Pack 1 Evergreen Order Form attached below. Fill out and return with wreath sales packet. Mail Order buyers may pay online.

Pack 1 Evergreen MAIL ORDER ONLY Form 2019.pdf

This form may be emailed to prospective buyers so they know what is available. Please note that the prices are different for these items than for those hand delivered, the difference being shipping costs.

  • Items will be shipped in late November directly from the wreath manufacturer.
  • For each item sold that needs to be shipped, please complete a separate mail order sheet.
  • Pay here and include Cub Scout being supported:
  • If a remote customer has paid by card, turn in the mail order form for that customer and indicate on it “Paid via Credit Card”. Card payments must be received by 10/25, or items won’t be ordered.

If you need more sheets, download from above or contact Nicole Falk at erdm0030@yahoo.com.


Dens have a $150 minimum goal per Scout for wreath selling. All scouts in the den must sell $150 worth of wreaths and the pack will provide a fun reward activity to be determined by the Den leaders. Keep in mind $150 is only selling 7 to 8 items per scout. We know that everyone can do it!!!

Scouts can earn camp credits to offset the cost of weekend camps:

  • $150 of sales = 1 free camp for a scout
  • $300 = 1 free camp for a scout and adult
  • $400 = 2 free camps for a scout and adult
  • $500 = 3 free camps for a scout and adult

All scouts who sell over $500 get to throw a cream pie at a scout leader of their choice at the November Pack meeting.


  1. Camp credits apply to Pack 1’s campouts.
  2. Polar Cubs is not included in the free camps.
  3. Camp credits cannot be transferred or carried over to the next Scout year.
  4. Arrow of Light Scouts who sell more than $500 and cross over to Scouts BSA in April can apply earned camp credits towards Winter Camp skiing costs and/or Spring Camp with the Troop.