2020 Wreath Sales are Underway

Welcome to the 2020 sales season! Our Wreath Sale is our only fundraiser of the year. We would like every Scout to sell at least $150 worth of items. Sales incentives include free Fall Camp and Spring Camp attendance for Scouts and parents, as well as a gift card for the Scout Store at Basecamp. With Covid 19 safety concerns in mind, we have developed a contact-free sales plan for this unique year.

Following is a link to a sales flyer template you can download, edit, and print out to distribute to your neighbors. We recommend distributing the flyer to the homes of only people you know. 

Click the link below to get started. You may need to download and open the flyer template with a recent Acrobat reader to edit/customize it.


You will want to customize the flyer template by adding your Scout's first name and last name or first-initial-of-last name and your phone number or email address. Your customers will include your Scout’s name on their online order form, so a name must be provided to ensure that your Scout gets credit for the sale. 

If you are not comfortable putting your Scout’s name on the flyer, you could instead use a code name/word – just be sure to let us know what it is, so we can match up your Scout’s orders up correctly. Adding a photo of your Scout to the flyer is optional; do so only if you are comfortable with that.

You can also send out a link to the ordering site in an email. Personalizing the email is a nice touch. The following link leads to the Square website from which your customers will order and pay for their wreath, garland, spruce tops, door swag, centerpiece and/or wild rice. The flyer includes directions for


Additional Wreath Sale Details 

· All orders and payments must be placed on our Square site.  No checks/cash should be given to us. No order packets will be handed out.

· Direct donations to the Pack can be accepted also via our Square site.

· Please email the sales link or put flyers at the houses of your customers, without knocking on doors. Maintain social distancing and wear a mask when going to people's homes to deliver flyers.  Use your list from last year if applicable.

· We  have 11 items for sale -- our most-popular items. Items are on the flyer. Prices have increased by $2 per item to cover increased costs to us and processing fees.

· We will make available a link to the Mpls city sales permit for you to print

· On about Oct. 11, we will email you a list of your customers' orders so far 

· Final orders are due by Oct 18.

· You will get a list of your final orders shortly after Oct 18.

· Wreath/etc pick-up will be held on Nov 21 (location remains TBD). We will be amending the pick-up process to make it as contact-less as possible, likely to be conducted in a drive-up/curbside process. More details to follow.


  • $150 of sales = 1 free camp for a Scout

  • $300 = 1 free camp for a Scout and adult

  • $400 = 2 free camps for a Scout and adult

  • New this year! $500 = 2 free camps for a Scout and adult + $50 Scout store gift card

Top sellers will be recognized. 

Direct Sales Items (Mailed to outside local area)

· Few people have uses this option in previous years. If you have out-of-town relatives that will purchase items to ship directly to them from Evergreen, please email Wreath Sales coordinators Nicole and Andrew Falk at erdm0030@yahoo.com for instructions on how to do this.

· It costs $55 per item, including shipping. 

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