Yes, Pack 1 is Scouting this year!!!

Hello Pack 1 Scouts and families!

As a new school year begins, so too starts another Scouting season – and this one will likely look much different than those that preceded it.

As you know, the Scout Motto is “Be Prepared.” Pack 1 leaders are committed to providing for Pack 1 Scouts a fun, adventuresome, educational and safe program of value, focused on enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors, civic service, duty to God, Scout friendship and fellowship, and rank advancement.

While the realities of Covid 19 will require us to cancel a few of our usual events, there remain many core Scouting activities we can still enjoy — albeit in slightly different ways. Pack 1 leaders have developed, with BSA and Northern Star Council guidance, best practices to, among other things, safely meet semi-weekly to have fun and achieve advancement; camp together, sell wreaths and race Pinewood Derby Cars.

Meetings While we cannot meet weekly in the classrooms at the church, as we have in years past, Den leaders will hold outdoor meetings in area parks (while the weather remains warm enough) for Scouts/parents comfortable being in small-group, socially-distanced outdoor settings. For Scouts/parents more comfortable with online connections, leaders can arrange online Zoom-type meetings and/or communicate directly with parents about using Scoutbook for a more home-led advancement track.

As fall weather grows colder and we run out of evening daylight, Den leaders, based on Scout/parent feedback, are prepared to switch to Sunday late-afternoon outdoor meetings and/or online Zoom-type meetings to continue enjoying fun activities that will meet advancement requirements. In outdoor meetings, we will, naturally, prioritize advancement activities that require being outdoors to undertake. In online meetings in the colder months, we will focus on advancement activities that can be either: enjoyed indoors in a video-meeting setting; completed individually, with parent oversight.

Pack meetings will be suspended for the time being. We are currently still brainstorming ways we can celebrate advancement and share the joys of Scouting as a larger group. Most likely we will use the coming-soon new Pack website and video. For more information, feel free to email a query to

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