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Pack 1 Mpls.
Annual Wreath Sale Fundraiser 

25-inch Voayageur Wreath.PNG

Pack 1's 2023-24 Wreath Sale Fundraiser began Monday, Sept. 11, 2023.

Our Wreath Sale is Pack 1's only fundraiser of the year. In addition to wreaths, items for sale include garlands, swags, centerpieces, spruce tops and Minnesota-grown wild rice.


We believe every Pack 1 Scout can sell at least $150 worth of holiday items, and Pack 1 Den leaders will Do Their Best to train, empower and motivate them to succeed! Parents can help in this effort as well. Incentives for sales-totals greater than $150 include credits for FREE Fall Camp and Spring Camp for Scouts and parents, as well as a gift card for the Scout Shop at Basecamp (see full list below).


In addition to the online sales that we have done for the past two years, Scouts and families are allowed to do more traditional door-to-door and other in-person sales activities.  As in every other Scout activity, please use caution and remember "Safety First!" Scouts are encouraged to be in uniform for in-person sales activities.

Additional Wreath Sale Information

  • Final online orders will due on October 22.  All online orders and payments must be placed on our Square site on or before the deadline date. 

  • All in-person (non-online) orders will be due with payments and wreath order form at the Den meeting on October 23 .

  • Direct donations to the Pack can be accepted also via our Square site.  This is a great option for relatives and friends who are not interested in holiday items.

  • We will be offering 10 items for sale.

  • A few days before the sale ended, we will email you a list of your customers' online orders, so you can double-check.

  • You will get a list of your orders shortly after Oct 23rd.

  • Wreath/etc. pick-up will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023 (time TBD; an announcement will be emailed to all Pack 1 parents) in the parking lot at Northrop Elementary School (same location as in recent years).

  • Please help your Scout deliver all the wreaths and other items sold prior to Thanksgiving Day, and preferably by end-of-day Sunday, Nov. 19.


Sales Incentives

  • $150 in sales = Credit for 1 FREE camp for your Scout

  • $300 in sales = Credits for 1 FREE camp for your Scout and 1 accompanying Akela (parent/guardian/approved adult chaperone)

  • $400 in sales = Credits for 2 FREE camps for your Scout and 1 accompanying Akela

  • $500 in sales = Credits for 2 free camps for your Scout and 1 accompanying Akela, PLUS a $50 Scout Shop gift card!

  • Top sellers will be recognized and congratulated in an email to all Pack 1 families.


Best wishes on the sale and please contact me with any questions at my email below.


Yours in Scouting,


Greg Huff,

Pack 1 Committee Chair

With a QR-Code app installed and open on a mobile phone, your Scouts' customers can point their phone's camera at this QR code to quickly and easily open our Wreath Sales order page

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