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Re-Register Your Scout in Pack 1 Today, Get Some Fun Pinewood-Derby Themed Gifts!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Hello Pack 1 families, Cubmaster Greg Huff here. I hope you had a great summer, full of sun and fun and making great family memories!

With the start of a new school year near, so too is the launch of a new Scouting Season. I and my fellow Pack 1 leaders sincerely hope your family will rejoin Pack 1 this year! Did you know that Pack 1 is officially categorized as a "Family Pack"? It's true! And this season, our program will include many more opportunities for full-family Scouting, including a monthly Pack Meeting featuring interesting guest speakers and/or presentations, as well as skits, songs, arts/crafts projects and other fun.

Have you re-registered your Scout(s) with Pack 1 yet for the 2022-23 Scouting Season? Do so soon and your Scout will receive several fun, Pinewood Derby-themed gifts:

  • A Hot-Wheels-style die-cast Race Car

  • A Pinewood Derby Kit

  • A Pit Pass that gives Scouts free access to racing events at local speedways

  • Entry into regional Pinewood Derby races in Spring 2023

Find more info about the Pinewood Derby-themed gifts and registration deadline here:

To re-register you Scout(s) into Pack 1, open the link below in a separate tab and then follow the step-by-step instructions on this page, below this link:

  • After you've navigated to the website at the link above, click the blue "Register Now" button located on the middle right-hand side of the page.

  • On the page that opened next, click the green "Join/Renew" button right next to the words "Youth/Adult Join or Renew Northern Star Council" in the "When & Where" section located on the top, right-hand side of the page.

  • Next, you will be asked if you want to "continue as a guest, or sign into your account?"

    • Because you are re-registering a Scout into Pack 1 again, you most likely already have an account, so you can click the "Sign In" button, then type in your email address and password.

      • If you can't get logged in for some reason, you may click the "Continue as Guest" button and proceed.

  • On the page that opened, scroll down until you see the "Renew CURRENT Youth" box. Use the drop-down menu there to choose the number of Scouts you are registering, then scroll down (if you need to) to locate and click the green "Join/Renew" button at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.

  • In the page that opened, click both the red "Update Information" buttons in both the "Registration Contact" and "Renew CURRENT Youth" boxes and then review and update, if need be, pertinent info for you and for your Scout.

    • If you're seeing a red stop-sign icon with an exclamation point on the page, you're being alerted that one of the preceding forms is still missing required information

  • Once you've entered/updated all the required information in the forms mentioned above, you can proceed to the "Check Out" page and pay with a credit card (or with checking account info, I think)

    • You can pay in one lump sum, or in two payments

    • If the registration fee is too costly for your family this year, you may apply for Financial Assistance

      • NO youth are turned away for inability to pay.

      • Within the "Renew CURRENT Youth" info page/form, there is a link to an online Financial Assistance application form.

        • It's on the right-hand side of the form -- to the right of black text that reads "Registration Financial Assistance," there's a blue-text link to the form that reads "Application Required"

        • If you fill out and submit the Financial Assistance form, you will want to click the check box to the left of the text that reads "Are you applying for "Registration Financial Assistance?" located on the "Renew CURRENT Youth" form/page.

  • That should do it!

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